Friday, April 3, 2009

One week later ...

So we have now been home 1 week and I am now only getting around to posting some photos of our trip. We have slowly gotten back into our routine. However, this place looks like a bombs hit it and so today I have slowly started to try and put it all back together. Since Rolf didnt really hang out here while we were gone, just to sleep, you can imagine how much dust is around. 

Any here are the photos. 

Alexandra checking out the map of Sea World. She really loved going to Sea World and meeting Elmo, seeing tons of Dolphins and Sharks and lots of other fish. 
Alexandra and I just before Jaxon's Christening. Best photo I could get on a timer and Alexandra had no desire to stand still for another photo. 

We did get to go to the beach this time around. We headed up the Coast with my Mum. We stayed at Alexandra Headlands. 

Alexandra and Grandma having lunch on our Balcony. It was a great apartment, such a great view to the ocean.
Before we left Alexandra HAD to get to nails done by Grandma. 

Hoopfully this weekend I will get some more things done and that I will be able to get back to scrapbooking this week. I did almost finish off my Week in a life project (yes that was last October) this week though. Just have to finish off my journalling. 

Happy Weekend!


Phyllis said...

cute pics! i can't wait to see the rest of them! see you in 2 weeks!

Karen W said...

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing. I know what you mean about getting back to normal after being away - it does take awhile

Kylee said...

Great photos Kristin. I'm so glad you and Alexandra had a great time visiting your family here. I love the photo of Alexandra and Grandma painting her toenails! That is so cute! I'm sure you will settle back into your routine in no time!