Sunday, April 12, 2009

So it's Easter

Easter Sunday. The kids have already had their easter egg hunt. We have put up our Australian Flag and waiting to have a yummy lunch with Rolf's family. 

I am participating in 12 of 12 for the first time today. You can check out more information here . So I will try my hardest not to take 12 easter photos today, will be hard ;) 

Oh and do you know what i got in my in box today? An email from Twitter saying that STACY JULIAN is now following me on twitter. :) WOW! Ok, even though she does tend to add a lot of people! I must say that its pretty cool when one of your fav scrapbookers adds you, its pretty cool!

Ok so here are some photos from yestserday. We went for a walk in Zug and to an Easter Fair. We stopped to sit on a bench near the lake and there were so many beautiful flowers everywhere. So i tried my best to get some photos of the kids. They really werent up for it though. 

OH! and I have been a bit annoying lately. Annoying my lovely husband and letting him know at every chance I can, that I would LOVE to get a DSLR camera - and soon! Ideally before my photography class starts in June. Not sure what my chances are - and have even said that I will give up my Christmas and Birthday presents to get it! (Yes Christmas is 9 months away and my birthday is 10 months away ;) ) Anyway, a girl can always dream. 

So here is a my wish list!
- Canon 500 D (Rebel T1i - in the States) DSLR camera body only!
- 50 mm f1.8 len or ideally a Canon 50mm f1.4 lens. 
- Jill-E camera bag, this one, this one, are ones that i like!!

So does anyone else have a cool camera bag????

Have a great Sunday everyone!


Phyllis said...

perhaps some of us can go in together to get you your camera bag ;) ... can't believe i forgot about the fair in Zug - i loved that last year ... oh well ...

Sara Ancich said...

Could you possibly get your husband to see this post so he knows exactly what camera you want? This is a perfect way to drop a very big hint. I wish you luck. i will be camera shopping in June. I may pick your brain at that point. My point shoot is starting to shut down on me. Its time.