Thursday, April 23, 2009

Why is it ....

.... that I always find what i am looking for when I don't go out specifically to look for it. I spent a good part of last Saturday searching for a cute yellow handbag and cute yellows shoes. I dragged my friend Fiona from shop to shop and to find NOTHING. 

But then fast forward to today and I got our babysitter over to watch the kids so I could go to the Physio. I had 1 hour to burn afterwards so just walked around the town in Zug. And I find a ton of yellow bags and a ton of yellow shoes. (I actually went to the camera store to see if they had any new cameras in - they didnt )

So here are my purchases. 

SO SO cute. And a perfect price for shoes I am not sure I will wear next season - but knowing me they will become favs and I wont be able to find them again when i wear them out.
And the bag. Now this is not the type of bag I was looking for in the beginning. But when i saw it I was drawn to it. Its not as yellow but super super cute and I can see me using this for years to come - so an investment right. LOVE IT!

Perfect spring accessories.

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