Friday, December 19, 2008

While it still lasts ....

We still have snow on the ground, not sure for how long as they are predicting rain for tomorrow at our level. :( We had a lot of snow (ok a lot for an Aussie living in Switzerland ;) ) on Wednesday morning and we still have snow around now. It was so nice to wake up to everything white. I hadnt even looked at the weather report this week as Dylan has been ill again. (He is feeling better now - another Virus) So it was unexpected! I really love snow and hope that some will stick around till next Thursday. 

I am looking after my friends kid's tonight so that she and her husband could go out to their Company Christmas Party. So i have four kids tonight, we just had pizza and have watched some Micky Mouse Club House and they are now playing before bed time. 

Anyway, the eldest vistor who is 5 asked me about our Nativity Scene. Here is our conversation. 

H said: What this?
I said: This is the Nativity Scene, with Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Christmas is Baby Jesus' birthday. 
H said: Where are the Elves?


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