Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy December! The first candle is lite. 
Ok, so i am one day too late, but my post yesterday got me
a little distracted. I love December, i really do, but this year, for some reason i am totally out of it. I am not really the organized at all. I have so many projects that i want to do and i have, as usual, have taken on too much. But I am hoping to complete my December Daily album. I hope that next week I will have a little more time and sit down and get to it. 

But I thought i would share our Advent Calendar. I got the idea from Ali's Blog,  and she got the idea from Martha Stewart kids 

Unfortunatly the boxes i had ordered did not come so yesterday I had to run out and find some. I then painted all of them green, red and silver (had to do quite a number of coats) and then finally by the time the kids had gone to bed they were dry enough to put the numbers on them. 

I did not want to hang them on my walls so i just bought a large cork board and i think they look great on there. I can then put them up on our table against the window so that my little boys hands can reach them. I think this could become a tradition in this family! But next time i would start earlier and perhaps paint the corkboard before i put on the boxes!

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Emilie Ahern said...


I've been thinking since last year that I wanted to do this, but still haven't!

LOVE your version.