Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays

Wishing everyone Happy Holidays! 
Take time amoungst the craziness of today and tomorrow, to enjoy the moment.
 I know that i am going to have to remind myself of that today. 

My little girl is watching impaitently the presents under the tree. She has now resorted to wrapping up her toys in towels and asking if she can unwrap them now. 

Did i mention that i am making my very first every Christmas Dinner. We have 4 family members coming over so thats 6 adults and 2 kiddies. I have the Turkey in the oven and all the things that go with it are prepared and waiting for the right time to begin cooking. I am surprised at how easy at is, but only because i was super organized. Last night i wrote up all the recipes i had finally choosen and used magnets to attach them to the exhusted above the stove. So no getting recipes dirty and at a great position to see what next to do. I then also made a timetable of what needs to be done when. So far so good - next on my list par boil potatoes. 

and all the rest ;)

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Phyllis said...

happy christmas to y'all - good luck with the meal - can't wait to see the pics!!!