Tuesday, December 9, 2008

On Friday

So i had all these great plans to blog every day up to Christmas, one cause it I would love to get in the routine of blogging once a day and second cause it would be a great way to work on my december daily, as the kit i ordered still has not arrived :(. But due to keyboard issues I am only posting for the first time since Thursday today. 

So on Friday, Alexandra came home from her Swiss Playgroup with a cute little bag, made for Samiclaus' visit to her playgroup. Still today i am unsure if he actually came or if the teacher just said he came to them, but either way she got this cute little bag - and now since she has just started drawing people, we get a cute little picture too.  It was filled with Gingerbread, Apples, nuts, madarins and chocolate. She saved some for her friends too. 


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