Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We survived Christmas!

Its been awhile, but then I have not had any time really to blog this past week. Too much eating, present opening, catching up on sleep, hanging out with family and best of all hanging out with my Sister and her boyfriend who arrived from Australia on Saturday. 

 We had a lovely Christmas. I even got some minutes (yes just minutes not hours) to myself to enjoy my clean, tidy, quiet and decorated home before guests arrived. Having the in-Laws living upstairs is great as Rolf took the kids up there so i could finish off dinner. 
Christmas Morning it was just us 4, opening presents, talking on the phone with Family in Australia and skyping. 
Then my sister arrived. So excited to see her and of course her boyfriend. We have already took them up to the snow, almost didnt go up cause it was -13C in the morning but i reckon that it was around -10C in the shade when we went up in the afternoon. Crazy for them. 

Well my 15 mins to myself is over, Alexandra is calling from the tent (one of Dylan's presents) where she is suppose to be having a nap. Have cleaned and tidyed and now have to start cooking. We are having some friends over for a little New Years Party, just some nice food and drink and the Wii of course. 

Happy New Year!!!

BTW I too will be choosing a word for 2009 that will define my goals for the year. (Like Ali Edwards) There are a couple that spring to mind at the moment, and i think i will let this day be over and see what i feel tomorrow - so watch out for that!


Ghost of M's wife said...

are you cooking dinner again?
Hey if you need advise on cooking you can email me.
Good 2009!

Phyllis said...

love the pic of you and mel ... missing the snow for sure (hard to believe i said that i know) ... will chat tomorrow i'm sure but happy new year to all!