Thursday, November 12, 2009

Shades of Summer !!!

So the European Shades of Summer has come to the end in .... November. We waited and waited for the package to arrive from Finland but it didnt and so had to use the back up glasses for the last person in Switzerland - luckily I know her and she didnt mind at all - thanks Phyllis!

So we have had photos from Austria, Finland, Spain, Northern Ireland, The Netherlands and Switzerland!!!!
Thanks everyone who participated and look forward to doing again next year!


Phyllis said...

np ... and i'm game again for next year :)

marsha. said...

Hey! I have wondered about what happened... It was fun! Thanks for hosting SOS!!!

Angela said...

Hi, it was great taking part. What a pity our little messages didn't make it back to you! I'm game for next year too!

Martinaaaaaa said...

it didnt make it ? how bad is that :( .. but we all look so fabolous with those crazy glasses - just love it :D