Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Self Portrait by 4 year old

When i uploaded photos from my old point and shoot that Rolf used on the weekend while i was away I was surprised to see a lot of photos that Alexandra has taken over the past months. We let her use this camera whenever she wants, and when Rolf gets his new point and shoot sometime before we head to Australia she will then be able to have this one as her own.

What amazed me was that Alexandra thought it would be cool to take some self portraits. She was using the shelf in a bookcase in my scrap area and when i walked in and saw it - i thought hey why didnt i think of that before!

I then put the self timer on for her and got these shots.
She has this little obsession with this pose. She makes Bethany pose like this everytime she is over here. Not sure where she got the idea from but i think it is kinda cute.

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Phyllis said...

way to go alexandra ... and cute pjs :)