Wednesday, September 16, 2009

An award

Well I have never got a Blog award before. So a big thanks to Martina on of my European Shades of Summer girls who gave me this award!
The rules are to tell the world 5 things about myself. Things that I like to do. Then I have to give the Award on to 10 more people who have a great blog (um, maybe i wont make it to 10)

1. Photography - Think people have gotten the hint recently that I have really gotten into photography. And everything about it makes me happy. I am still learning and have a long way to go but am really enjoying the process. FINALLY found something that i love to do.

2. Reading Information books - I used to read a lot of novels. But I don't really anymore, which is a shame but my brain just cant handle a whole book at the moment. But what I have always loved are books about things. Where I learn something. So currently I am reading Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson. Also next to my bed is a couple of Homemade Books and a ton of other photography books

3. Creating - I havent given up scrapbooking at all and still love the creative freedom it gives me. I love now that my photos are just that bit better then they were before and makes me enjoy scrapbooking even more.

4. Teaching Alexandra to read - I am teaching Alexandra to read in English and I am having so much fun doing it. Not only do we get to spend some 1 on 1 time together but I love how she loves to learn. She keeps asking me what that word says and starts to sound out words. Love it!!!

5. Organizing - I still love to organize. Currently high on my organizing list has been Dylan's 2nd birthday party in October and for our road trip to Australia in november. Lots of papers to file and ideas to organize!!!

So who will i send this on to.

Sara - love her daily blogs!
Angie - a blog friend who i havent chatted with in ages!
Christine - another great blog friend!!!
Marjo - in Finland one of our SOS girls! I don't understand Finish but love to look at the photos!

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Sara Ancich said...

Gasp! Thank you very much for the shout-out. I am honored. I will get right on this blog award as soon as I survive Back to School Night. So much to do in my classroom for tomorrow night. Thank you!