Saturday, August 29, 2009

So where have I been?

Well life has been truly busy.

1. finishing off my Photography Class with Karen Russell. So sad that it has comet to an end. I have one more assignment to post and hope to do that tomorrow. I have learnt so much from this class, and know that when i take my time and go over the lessons I will learn so much more.

2. Back to school this past week. Both kids started at a new school this past week. We had to change from their old school as we had a major disagreement with them and there was no way i was sending my kids to a school i didnt trust. Anyway so the first day of school went without a hitch - both kids went well, even little Dylan.

3. I have been working on a new photography blog. Over the past weeks I have been taking a lot of photos and some have been turning out really well. So i wanted one spot to keep them all together, hence the new blog. You can check it out at Kristin Reinhard Photography It is still a work in progress though.

4. I was in Geneva and Nyon over the last two days. Putting in Dylan's Australian Passport Application and visiting some good friends. I had a lovely time!

I hope to get back to regular blogging soon

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