Sunday, August 2, 2009

Recap from the 1st August!

Yesterday we celebrated Swiss National Day. The weather was perfect, and we were up and ready by 8.30am to head out for brunch. A farm in Cham, a village about 20 mins from us, held the brunch. We met up with a lot of our friends and had a great time!

There was bacon, eggs, rösti (grated fried potato), cheeses, meats, breads, jogurts and then desserts. The kids were entertained by the animals. Here is Alexandra with a rabbit.

And Dylan loved the tractor. He kept heading over to where it was and wanting to sit up on it.
I got to catch up with a lot of my friends! Here is a photo of Kirsten and I!
And then a friend's father asked to use my camera to take a photo of Dylan and I, since i had been taking photos of everyone else all morning. How nice was that - and love how the photo turned out. Phyllis said i have to use this photo in the album about me I will be making with Cathy Z at BPS this September! I agree - despite Dylan not being too impressed.
Then at around 2pm we headed home and got ready for a little party. We had invited a couple of other friends over for dinner. We, the adults, had a lot of fun, and i think all the kids did too.
Then just after 8pm church bells, the alp horn was played down at the school below us and then the men with their cow bells walked down to the school from near our place (there was a village party down at the school) I got this photo from our balcony as they were walking past.

And of course there was cupcakes! Alexandra said that since it was Switzerland's birthday we have to make cupcakes. Love how they turned out. Thanks Phyllis for the cupcake holder - it works great!
Then finally it started to get dark and we were able to see some fireworks and some of the bonfires around the lake. They are the tiny dots on the Mountain.
The village across the lake had some great fireworks. Wish I had a better zoom lens cause they were great!

We had a great time! Loved spending time with all our friends, we are so lucky to have such great friends here in Switzerland!

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Phyllis said...

great pics and love the cupcakes! maybe next year we'll crash your house to watch the fireworks :).