Monday, June 7, 2010

Shades of Summer 2010 European Edition

Well it's that time of year again.

Elizabeth Kartchner's Shades of Summer is back and again this year we will be doing it here in Europe!!!


This year to help me out, we have on board Barbara Haane from Germany. You can check out her great blog here

Here are the details

1. You can't be moving this summer (because the package gets lost or doesn't get forwarded) or traveling extensively.
2. First, you take a photo wearing the sunglasses and email it to us and Liz
3. Second, you will ship a small box with the sunglasses in it to the next person on the list we will  include in the box.
4. You must ship glasses & list of addresses with in 2 days of receiving them.

•The first 300 peeps to email me are included in all the fun.

•If you can follow the above rules email me at in this exact format:
Street address
City, State, Postcode

Are you in? 

Then drop us an email ShadesOfSummerEurope (at) 

You can find out more about Shades of Summer on Liz's Blog 

1 comment:

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